We sell alpaca manure for fertilizer. Why?

There are many benefits of alpaca manure for gardeners. Alpaca manure is lower in organic matter content than manures of most other barnyard livestock (like cows, horses and sheep)–but it still has plenty to improve soil texture and water-holding capacity. This lower organic content allows alpaca manure to be spread directly onto plants without fear of `burning’ them. It is the decomposition of organic matter which produces the heat that can damage plant roots. Composting and then digging into the soil improves soil structure, adds some benefits to the mineral balance and grows great melons and pumpkins and garlic. If you dry the beans well in the sunlight, they make great “topping” for flower beds (but don’t put them close to the stems of plants or the trunks of young trees). Dried beans look just as neat and clean as anything you can buy at the garden center, don’t smell, and mulch nicely into the soil over a season. Composting is the key.

Compared to the other barnyard animals, the nitrogen and potassium content of alpaca manure is comparatively high–an indication of good fertilizer value. (Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the major plant nutrients; they are the familiar N-P-K on fertilizer bags.) Phosphorus is relatively low–but it is low in most other livestock manure as well. Calcium and magnesium content is about average. And salt content is not too high but it is high enough that one should not apply alpaca manure directly onto seedlings or improperly mixed into the soil. Interestingly enough, feed composition, with few exceptions, doesn’t have much effect on manure composition.

It is important to remember that organic fertilizers are usually lower in nutrient content than synthetic fertilizers–so you must apply more to get the same amount of nutrients. For example, alpaca manure would be about 1.5-0.2-1.1 versus the 20-10-5 of synthetic fertilizer. One would have to apply about 13 times as much alpaca poop to get the same amount of nitrogen.

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